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1. All children age 14 and under MUST have an adult on court while using the Ball Machine.
2. Ball Machine is to be used on court 4 only.

Before turning on the power, ensure court is clear and no-one is standing in the line of fire.
Do not look down or stand in front of the shot selector while machine is on.
Only place tennis balls in the machine's bucket to prevent serious damage.
At no time shall anyone walk onto the side of the court that has the machine.

I realize with the use of any ball machine there is the possibility of injury. Understanding this risk, I agree not to hold the Lake Mohawk Tennis Club liable for any personal injury, damage
to, or loss of property suffered to family members or me. Choose "I agree" below to indicate
I have read these Rules (with my child/children and agree to
follow these Rules. Failure to follow these rules may result in the privilege of use of the ball machine being taken away.